What is Coaching

Woman on beachCoaching has been defined as a professional relationship that helps the client to achieve special results or performances. Unlike counselling, the idea of coaching is to leave past events behind and focus on the present and the client’s interest to reach a set goal within a set timeframe

Since every individual is unique in his/her personality and circumstances, as well as having unique values, belief systems and behaviours, so is every coaching relationship different in itself. While asking powerful questions and listening attentively, the coach helps to discover the resources within the client who sets the agenda.

The exploration defines the present and sets out for a goal to reach at a certain time in future. The coaching relationship is focused on the client who holds ownership to all conclusions and decisions made in the session and is therefore an empowering relationship for change.

While the client chooses coaching to experience an action and a learning in order to reach a goal or a higher performance, the coach will make sure that this action is moving the client forward and that the learning is deepened. To possess this skill a coach must be able to stay authentic, build a strong client connection, have courage to challenge the client, and to create accountability. Also a coach needs to be able to structure the session, set goals and request action.

What is the difference between Coaching and Counselling?

Although there are many similarities and some overlapping areas in coaching and counselling, there is a necessity to stress the distinction between these two.

Counselling is therapy oriented and deals with the past event a person cannot overcome him/herself. So before a person is able to move on into the future he/she will find support with a counsellor who will help the client to overcome or work through a present conflict in order to move forward.

Counselling is especially beneficial for people suffering from anxieties, depression and other emotional conflicts that result in health issues. Therefore a client may need to have support in becoming well again. Instead of taking drugs, a counsellor can provide a confidence and safe environment to his client in order to work through the problem.

Whereas coaching is goal oriented and focuses on the present of where you are now in relation to where you want to be. Therefore, coaching kicks in when people are ready to move forward and feel they need a coach to have them challenged in defining and fulfilling their goals.

Either in overcoming a problem or achieving a set goal, the outcome would be an improvement in the client’s life whether he chooses a coach or a counsellor.

Treatment Includes

A typical coaching session provides support and guidance for exploration and discovery, alongside the application of techniques and strategies. We offer you ways to explore your circumstances and your thoughts, feelings, behaviours, hopes and desires to discover your own resourcefulness for initiating change and reaching your goals for a fulfilling and balanced life.

Cost: $110.00 – 60 mins session

Location: Carrara, Gold Coast, QLD

Note: This package is Gold Coast only

How do I book for a session?

Please contact us by telephone or email to confirm your preferred date and time PRIOR to making a payment as subject to availability.