Our Thoughts Create Our Reality

Realise that our thoughts create our reality. Every time we have a negative thought we can consciously remove it and replace it with something positive. This can be very difficult when you are going through a significant loss or trauma, I know. The truth of the matter is everything we think we are losing is most likely something that is either unnecessary or not for our higher and greater good.

You can create a better life if you understand the mind-body-spirit connection and embrace and align yourself with all three aspects. Caring for the physical body by way of physical exercise - yoga, walking, swimming, etc., and eating high vibrational foods such as fruits and vegetables. Being self-aware of your thought patterns and possible negative self-talk. And partaking in spiritual practices such as meditation, prayer and connecting to nature -  all have equal importance to maintain overall mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

Many times when we are going through tough times and struggling with physical, mental, and emotional health can even serve the beneficial purpose of slowing you down enough to re-evaluate the changes around you, adapt to a different routine, and allow for new changes to come about in your life.

Those who refuse to let go of old beliefs that don’t serve and continue to resist the process of change (that often brings spiritual growth) will find themselves stuck and their un-ease (dis-ease) will very likely manifest illness, the severity of which will vary depending on the frequency of their thoughts. As our thought vibrations take precedence, we become more and more responsible for what we create for ourselves.

It is important to understand that nothing lasts forever and that ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ are a normal part of the cycles of life. When we are open to changing our perception of a past event or circumstance we can heal many aspects of our unresolved hurts and are able to move forward in life with a deeper wisdom and understanding of ourselves which in turn can bring about profound spiritual growth.

Watch out for my next post where I will give some suggestions to help keep your vibration high no matter what you are going through.

Love and Blessings - Jacqueline